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Some DIY off-the-shelf oven cleaning products are corrosive by Allan Young

"Some off-the-shelf oven cleaning products rank among the most toxic and corrosive substances you can bring into your home. Improper use of these products can wreak havoc on your oven, causing significant damage over time. I've encountered numerous instances where ovens have suffered damage due to incorrect application and cleaning procedures.

Repeated use of these harsh chemicals can lead to corrosion and rust within the oven cavity. I've witnessed heating elements so severely corroded that they required replacement, chrome racks completely rusted, and enamel interiors marred by rust spots. Additionally, white streak stains often mar the glass door, and there's a risk of these products dissolving the glue that secures the glass, leading to disastrous results.

In my experience, the lifespan of ovens subjected to these corrosive products is significantly reduced. Before beginning a cleaning job, I make a point of identifying any corrosion or residue stains and inquire about past cleaning methods. More often than not, clients have used these types of oven cleaning products incorrectly."

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