Most people don’t consider cleaning their dishwasher. Well if the dishes are clean, shouldn't your dishwasher get cleaner to? Unfortunately no, food accumulates over time, soap residue, and smelly gunk also reduces the performance.


We steam clean your dishwasher, paying special attention to the seals and the filter, we also top up your salt and the rinse aid if needed. Finally we put limescale remover and dishwasher cleaner degreaser into your machine and run a cleaning program to help reduce limescale, bad smells, dirt build up and detergent residual, improving energy efficiency. We recommend that you carry out a monthly maintenance wash to remove any build up; you can purchase a box of 12 from our technicians.


Please call now to book a clean.


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Oven cleaning service, covering Bromley,  

Croydon, parts of London, Surrey, and parts of Kent, Sussex, and Middlesex.

Cancellation Policy - please allow 48 hours notice when cancelling appointments to enable other customers to benefit. Oven Sheen reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equal to or less than the value for appointments not kept. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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