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Here's What To Do When Your Dirty Oven Is
Holding You Back From Your Love of Cooking
and Entertaining


If you’ve ever tried cleaning your oven with the vague hope of getting it back to “brand new” condition, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours of hard, frustrating work – enduring fumes and harsh chemicals on your skin.


And chances are, you’ve TOTALLY given up on that idea by now.


You’ve been begrudgingly learning to “live with” a dirty oven.


Or maybe it has you so embarrassed, you’ve stopped entertaining because of it.


But wait… Just because cleaning your oven is more work than you have time for DOES NOT mean it can’t be done! There are good people you can hire!


And that’s why we’d like to introduce ourselves…


We’re Oven Sheen – the locally-owned family business that specialises in bringing your cooking equipment “back to life” … and even EXTENDING the life of your oven, range, microwave, barbecue, or any other appliance you might have (through proper usage tips and warnings).


Enjoy Your Kitchen Again!


Let’s face it: If you’re not HAPPY with the current condition of your oven, when you’re trying to COOK and be CREATIVE… it shows!


Everyone tastes it in the food. You do, too. And your dissatisfaction grows. Your time in the kitchen becomes less and less enjoyable. Especially if something’s not working right on your oven, and you know it’s giving you problems.


At Oven Sheen, we FIX all that.


Our staff are meticulously trained in the maintenance of every major brand of oven or cooker out there today. We know our stuff!


That’s why we get everything back to tip-top working order – and clean as a whistle, inside and out!


Plus, we always show up ON TIME, and our entire staff is the picture of politeness and perfection.


When we’re in your kitchen, you’ll barely know we’re there.


But later that day, you’ll walk into your kitchen to see your beautiful gleaming oven beckoning you to bake!


Your “like new” oven will be the only “evidence” that we were there… working our “magic touch” on your most important household appliance!


And if the final result is not to your satisfaction? This is where you benefit from our Risk-Free Money-Back DOUBLE Guarantee of Satisfaction…


  • If our work isn’t satisfactory, we’ll re-do it until it is.

  • And even then, if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money IN FULL!


This way, you take no risk by hiring us today and letting us show you what we can do.


We know you’ll be amazed. All our customers are. To see what they are saying about us, just take a look at 


So if your dirty oven is the one thing standing in the way of your culinary prowess – and perhaps the fulfillment of your ultimate destiny as the UK’s next Top Chef…




Call us today!

020 8670 4946



You simply can’t lose.


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